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Meet the Squad




Jim Ross

6th Dan


Jim, a former Ukasko Scottish and British champion, is the chief instructor and head kumite coach of Yamakai. Starting the association in 1986, he has lead the club to success at regional, national and international competitions.

Greg Maccaulay

3rd Dan


Greg is an SKGB Scottish and British champion who has trained at Yamakai since he was 5 years old. He has since became one of the most successful competitors the club has ever produced

Amy Luke

1st Dan

British Karate Champion 2018

Liam Carlin

1st Dan

Cumbrian Open Karate Champion 2018


5th Dan


Julie is a former Scottish and British Individual and Team Kata Champion. Julie also represented Scotland at World and European Champinships on many occasions. Julie along with her Dad John run our Eaglesham club.

Marc Maccaulay

2nd Dan


Marc is an SKGB Scottish and British champion who has trained at Yamakai since he was 5 years old. He has since became one of the most successful competitors the club has ever produced

Matthew Miller

1st Dan

British Karate Champion 2018

Luke Miller

1st Dan

British Silver medalist 2018

John Latta

5th Dan


John is one of the club's principle tatami chiefs, who has served the group for 15 years; as well as playing a key role in the refereeing at regional, national and international events.

Ross Leeper

4th Dan


Ross is a former Sunderland Open champion who has trained at Yamakai since he was 5 years old. He has since went on to become a respected and knowledgeable kumite and Kata coach; as well as becoming one of the principle referees.

Keir Fraser

1st Dan

Scottish International Open Champion2018

Jack Johnston

1st Dan

Swedish Silver medalist 2017






Saturday, August 4th Strathaven Class is cancelled.

NEXT Competition

Sunday 19th August 2018 North East Open Championships in Hartlepool


To both Harry McRobb and Cameron Frame on winning the East Kilbride and Hamilton Student

of the months awards for July

Next National Kumite Squad training date is.

Sunday 26th August in Stirling. There will only be two sessions from this date onwards.

10am until 12noon under 13yrs / 12noon until 2pm 13yr and above.

Future Competition Dates

Wishaw Grand Prix Sunday 2nd September

Irish International Open Championships Dublin Saturday 22nd September

Central England International Open Sunday 14th October

Wishaw Grand Prix Sunday 28th October

2nd Manchester Open Championships Saturday 3rd November

Scottish Kumite Championships Sunday 25th November

Next Association Kyu & Dan Grading

Saturday 15th December


How Will Karate Benefit Me?


Crime is on the rise. Are you able enough to defend yourself? In a real-world scenario, avoiding conflict is the best means of escape from a sticky situation. But occasionally you have no choice. Would you be able to stand your ground long enough to make good your escape?


If self defence isn't much of a worry for you, why not consider it a workout? The Advanced classes are as much about physical fitness as they are technique. These classes often focus on circuit training, resistence, strength, core, cardio and stamina. If you're feeling the January blues and are guilty about all the mince pies you've had over the festive period. Yamakai Karate has the perfect solution.


How To Get Started

Come along to any one of the classes you feel would suit you, or give us a call if you're not sure and we'll happily to assist you in finding your ideal class.


For your first few weeks, come to class in a plain t-shirt and joggers. Please refrain from wearing restrictive clothing such as jeans and children under the age of 18 should not wear shorts.


Once you're settled and have decided to stay, we can recommend a number of both budget and premium suppliers of Gi and other equipment you'll need for training.


To every class you should also bring a water-based drink, as classes can be physically intensive and it is important to stay hydrated.





I Like learning how to punch and kick at Karate. I like the club because I get to meet new friends..


Harry McRobb 6yrs

East Kilbride student of the month for July 2018

Yamakai Karate

Be the best.


Dates for your Diary


Saturday, December 16th 2017


Annual Kyu and Dan Grading

Strathaven Scout Hall

Kirk Street, Strathaven


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150 Strathaven Road, Hamilton


Email: enquiries@yamakai.co.uk


Phone: (+44)1698 421790


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